The 15 Best Golf Courses In Germany 2023

With so many gorgeous golf courses in Germany, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the absolute best. To help you narrow down your choices, here is a list of the 15 best golf courses in Germany for 2023. From challenging championship layouts to stunningly scenic resort getaways, these courses offer something special for everyone.

Das Achental Golf Course

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Das Achental Golf Course. Image Source:

Golf Resort Achental can be found just outside the charming market town of Grassau, situated to the south of the stunning Lake Chiemsee. A true gem in the world of golf courses, this polished and impeccably designed layout was crafted by mastermind Thomas Himmel in 2013.

Comparisons have been drawn with the celebrated Son Gual in Majorca, labelling it “the Upper Bavarian equivalent”. The course comprises of six water-laden holes, each played in pairs at locations #2 and #3, #9 and #10, as well as #16 and #17. The course length is 5,835 metres, playing to a par of 72 over 18 holes. Other notable holes include the beautifully curved par five 5th and the concise yet daring par three at 120 metres on the 6th hole. The round concludes in style with a sharp turn over a small pond at the 18th hole to reach the home green.

Address: Mietenkamer Str. 65, 83224 Grassau, Germany

Golf Club Budersand

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Golf Club Budersand

Located on the island of Sylt, Golf Club Budersand is a masterpiece designed by local architect, Rolf-Stephan Hansen. The course features a striking 18-holer that skillfully blends into its natural surroundings and seamlessly joins the ranks of the most impressive links courses found along the west coast of Europe. The back nine of the Budersand Sylt course are arguably the crowning jewel, with two remarkable par threes expertly carved into the dunes at holes 13 and 15.

Additionally, a stream weaves across the closing three holes to add a stunning visual to the finish of the round. It should come as no surprise that Budersand Sylt was voted the best new German course in 2009, as its design and execution easily represent the work of a seasoned master designer. The Golf Club Budersand continues to enjoy a significant presence on the German and Continental European rankings, solidifying its reputation as a must-visit course for any golf enthusiast looking for a challenging and rewarding experience.

Address: Fernsicht 1, 25997 Hörnum (Sylt), Germany

Golf Club St. Leon-Rot

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Golf Club St. Leon-Rot. Image Source:

Golf Club St Leon-Rot is the ultimate destination for avid golfers seeking a challenge. With 45 impeccable holes set amidst scenic parkland, this championship course is a sight to behold. Boasting two top-notch 18-hole courses, a 9-hole short course, state-of-the-art athletic court, advanced training facilities, and a newly renovated clubhouse, it offers everything a golfer could desire.

Course St. Leon

St. Leon course, designed by the English architect Dave Thomas, is a stunning links styled course that is reminiscent of Scottish or Irish golf courses. With its sandy soil, surfaces of water, elaborately shaped bunkers, and island fairway, precision is crucial when playing here, as much as moving the ball over long distances. The course measures approximately 6,541 meters, and its beauty and challenging nature make it a favorite among golf enthusiasts.

Course Rot

On the other hand, Course Rot, designed by architect Hannes Schreiner, offers a different experience. It seamlessly integrates into the meadow landscape, retaining its biotopes, and creating a visually stunning course that spans 6,587 meters. Both courses offer a balance of golf at its highest level and an exquisite scenery for everyone to enjoy.

Short Course

For those looking for a smaller and more manageable course, the club also offers a beautiful 9-hole executive course. At a length of 3,942 metres, this course is ideal for honing your short game and perfecting your putting skills. Designed with both beginners and advanced players in mind, the course offers a variety of challenges, including several well-placed bunkers to keep you on your toes. And for those looking to host a tournament, our executive course is the perfect size for a friendly competition amongst friends and colleagues.

Address: Opelstraße 30, 68789 St. Leon-Rot, Germany

Golf-Resort Bad Griesbach, Golfplatz Brunnwies

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Golf-Resort Bad Griesbach, Golfplatz Brunnwies. Image Source:

Golf enthusiasts looking for a top-notch golfing experience in Germany should make their way to Golf-Resort Bad Griesbach to play the Golfplatz Brunnwies course. Designed by Germany’s very own world-class golfer Bernhard Langer, this 18-hole course is truly a treat for players of all skill levels. Situated amidst the beautiful Lower Bavarian woods, the course offers stunning views of the countryside and is distinguished by its extensive rough that adds an extra layer of challenge to the game.

The slightly contoured course features two incredibly challenging drawn-out slopes, and an exciting finale in the form of a par 4 “dogleg” that power hitters can shorten with a perfect drive. Players who are willing to forgive the extra shot will get to enjoy the beautiful nature that lies beyond the fairways. So, whether you’re an amateur or a professional, Golfplatz Brunnwies is definitely worth visiting.

Address: Brunnwies 5, 94542 Haarbach, Germany

Golf Club Schloss Miel

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Golf Club Schloss Miel

Positioned within the serene landscape of the Voreifel is the renowned golf club, Schloss Miel. Offering an experience that ranges from challenging games to enjoyable rounds of golf in the immediate surroundings of Bonn’s Beethoven Stadt, Schloss Miel caters to the needs of both novice and advanced golfers. The club life within Schloss Miel takes place primarily within the castle itself, which serves as the centerpiece of the complex.

The castle boasts generously spacious vaulted cellars that are equipped with sanitary, shower, and changing rooms. It also houses the historic “bakery,” which features a functioning natural stone oven that dates back to 1768. For those looking for a place to purchase quality golf equipment, the pro-shop is conveniently located on the ground floor, next to the club’s reception. Regardless of one’s skill level, Schloss Miel extends a warm welcome to all who seek a truly satisfying golfing experience.

Address: Schlossallee 1, 53913 Swisttal, Germany

Arnold Palmer Course – Bad Saarow Golf Club

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Arnold Palmer Course – Bad Saarow Golf Club. Image Source:

The Sporting Club Berlin Scharmützelsee, now known as the Bad Saarow Golf Club, beckons to golf enthusiasts with its 63 scenic holes. At the A-ROSA resort, which boasts of its picturesque location beside the sublime Lake Scharmützel, players can relax and unwind before they hit the greens. Originally designed by legendary golfer Arnold Palmer in 1995, the course offers ample opportunity to sharpen your skills before maneuvering to the back nine.

Known for its beauty and elegance, the inward nine guarantees to bewitch players with its extraordinary vistas. In fact, it has been hailed as the “most beautiful back nine in Germany” – a title that is well-deserved, considering the splendor of the fairways meandering through the forest. With its fair share of fantastic holes, one stands out in particular – the stunning par three 11th. With a creek challenging players with its cutting diagonally across the hole, three bunkers guarding the tricky green, and a length of 171 meters from the back tees, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after you leave the course. Truly, the Bad Saarow Golf Club is Germany’s own Woburn, and it is worth a visit.

Address: Golf Club Bad Saarow, Parkallee 1, 15526 Bad Saarow, Germany

Golfplatz Sonnenalp

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Golfplatz Sonnenalp

Since 1975, the 18-hole golf course Sonnenalp has not only been a haven for the guests of the five-star resort, but for golfers from around the world. The course was designed by the renowned Donald Harradine who seamlessly integrated it into the picturesque landscape of the foothills of the Alps.

Players of all skill levels can enjoy the challenge of this championship course while being awed by the stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains. The course was recently modernized and redesigned in 2008 by Kurt Rossknecht to enhance its already impressive qualities. The Sonnenalp golf course is the perfect example of how nature and sport can coexist in harmony and inspire golfers for years to come.

Address: Muderbolz 10, 87527 Ofterschwang, Germany

Golfclub Gut Kaden

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Golfclub Gut Kaden. Image Source:

Gut Kaden, set in the northern region of Germany, boasts a stunning 27-hole golf complex designed by two renowned architects: Frank Pennink and Karl Grohs. The original 18-hole course, designed by Pennink, was completed just after the architect passed away in 1984. Grohs later added a further nine holes, which completed the complex. The three nines, named A, B, and C, offer a variety of challenges to golfers of all levels.

The B and C courses are used for tournament play, as the A nine measures less than 3,000 yards. Water hazards come into play on most of the holes, particularly on the newer, Grohs-designed C circuit. The front nine ends with the most challenging hole on the course, a right dogleg played to an island green. The home hole is equally challenging, a downhill, 440-yard par four with trees lining the left to hinder long hitters from cutting the corner. Gut Kaden is an exquisite course that should be on any golfer’s bucket list.

Address: Kadener Str. 9, 25486 Alveslohe, Germany

Golfpark Idstein Südkurs

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Golfpark Idstein Südkurs. Image Source:

At approximately 160 hectares, the golf project near Frankfurt and Wiesbaden is a true golf oasis. Boasting two 36-hole golf courses with international par 72 ratings, the Golfpark Idstein was created by some of the most well-known golf experts. These courses have both earned incredibly high course rating grades due to their difficulty and are popular destinations for golf enthusiasts near and far.

The South course, “Gut Henriettenthal,” has been playable since 1989, while its counterpart, the North course “Golden Ground,” was completed in 2001. Both championship courses are renowned for their natural construction in a variety of breathtaking and scenic surroundings. Overall, the golf project stands as a testament to the merging of manmade ingenuity with the beauty of the natural world.

Address: Am Nassen Berg, 65510 Idstein-Wörsdorf, Germany

Golf Fleesensee

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Golf Fleesensee. Image Source:

Tucked in the breathtaking Mecklenburg Lake District, the holiday resort “Land Fleesensee” beckons golf enthusiasts with its impressive range of courses. With three 18-hole courses and two 9-holers, it boasts the distinction of being Germany’s second largest golf resort, with only Bad Griesbach ahead of it.

While the Schloss course offers a soothing flow and intimacy to the routing, the hole strategies mostly reward conservative play. Despite providing visitors with a well-rounded golfing experience, Fleesensee falls short of becoming a destination in itself, like Bandon Dunes, where golfers travel from across the globe to play the iconic courses.

Beyond Schloss course, Land Fleesensee features a Coca-Cola Family Course-turned-Land Fleesensee Course, a Schloss Torgelow Course-turned-Engel & Voelkers Course, a Scandinavian Course, a Coca-Cola Course-turned-Synchron Course, an Axel Lange Generali Course-turned-B2B Course, and a Scholz Group-designed Oberlausitz Course.

Address: Tannenweg 1, 17213 Göhren-Lebbin, Germany

Bella Vista Golfpark

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Bella Vista Golfpark. Image Source:

Bad Birnbach Golf Course, also known as “Bella Vista,” is a veritable feast for the senses. This course is set against the backdrop of Rottal’s natural beauty, displaying everything this region has to offer from rolling hills to the Rott itself, meandering along the landscape. The Bella Vista Golf Course is a true gem of nature that embodies three key concepts: tranquility, uniqueness, and long views.

As for the golf course layout, it turns inward after the 14th hole, requiring players to retrace several holes back to where the rest of the course lies on either side of a steep ravine. While some may find the next three holes repetitive or contrived due to the back-and-forth playing over the canyon, it’s where the hardest climbing occurs. Finally, the 18th hole is a guaranteed fun downhiller. For future improvements, a rerouting of the course could make connecting to each hole and traversing steep terrain easier. Overall, Bad Birnbach Golf Course offers an exceptional golfing experience that caters to nature lovers and avid golfers alike.

Address: Bella Vista Allee 1, 84364 Bad Birnbach, Germany

Topgolf Oberhausen

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Topgolf Oberhausen. Image Source:

For those seeking a unique way to socialize and enjoy some lighthearted fun, Topgolf is the perfect destination. Unlike traditional golf courses, the focus here isn’t on perfecting your swing or achieving a certain score. Instead, it’s all about having a good time no matter your skill level. Topgolf offers climate-controlled hitting bays for year-round comfort, complete with HDTVs and a sports bar and restaurant. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy a night out with friends, Topgolf has something for everyone. Come experience socializing as a sport and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Address: Brammenring 30, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

Seepark Golf

Sea Park Golf boasts of being the country’s craziest golf course. Covering an expansive 30,000 square meters, the football golf course offers 18 lanes with unique obstacles plus interesting football facts for a perfect football afternoon. Success on the course isn’t solely determined by one’s shooting accuracy, as it also requires a good feel for the ball. On the neighboring adventure golf course, golfers get to experience 18 courses covered with artificial turf, which come complete with clever obstacles to be overcome with the golf ball.

The ambience of the course is further enhanced by the sounds and technical refinements, offering players a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, Sea Park Golf promises an exciting and unforgettable time.

Address: Meßkircher Str. 30/2, 88630 Pfullendorf, Germany

Golf Club Hubbelrath – East Course

Best Golf Courses In Germany
Golf Club Hubbelrath – East Course. Image Source:

Established back in 1961, Hubbelrath Golf Club has become the choice destination for golfing enthusiasts in Germany. The club has managed to accommodate almost 2,000 members by providing them with two courses: the East and West Course.

The East course has undergone a significant transformation under the expert guidance of Howard Swan, allowing it to keep up with the demands of the sport and maintain its status as a top-ranking course. The German Open was held at Hubbelrath Golf Club on seven occasions, making it a significant location in the history of German golf.

The newly designed course at Hubbelrath is a true testament to the exceptional talents of its course designers, as it boasts a remarkable routing flow despite being located on a difficult site. The course is characterized by its individual holes, and players can enjoy a seamless experience on the course. Hubbelrath East provides golfers with a golfing experience that is unparalleled, a rare quality in the sports circuit.

Address: Bergische Landstraße 700, 40629 Düsseldorf, Germany

Schwarzlicht Minigolf Berlin

For those seeking a unique twist on the traditional mini-golfing experience, look no further than Schwarzlicht Minigolf in Kreuzberg’s Görlitzer Park. The five rooms boast an impressive 18 courses designed by artists that transport players into extraordinary new worlds.

From an enchanted Berlin complete with palm trees and surreal foliage enveloping the iconic Brandenburg Gate to futuristic lunar landscapes, visitors embark on a marvellous journey of colour and light. Stepping off the bustling streets and into the near-hidden entrance is like entering a secret portal into fantastical realms. With its black light effect, Schwarzlicht Minigolf offers thrill-seekers a memorable adventure that will never be forgotten.

Address: Im Gorlitzer Park Goerlitzer Str. 1, 10997 Berlin Germany


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