What Is a Mulligan in Golf & Where Did The Term Come From?

What Is a Mulligan in Golf

What Is A Muligan In Gof? In golf, a “mulligan” gives golfers a second chance at a shot with no penalty. This is especially useful during casual play rounds when golfers make spectacularly poor shots off the tee. While mulligans are not allowed in competitive golf, they are generally accepted during friendly rounds. Some golfers … Read more

What Is A Links Golf Course? Definition & Meaning

What Is A Links Golf Course

Links golf courses are unlike any other course in the world. With their undulating greens, open stretches of sand, long fairways with unpredictable sea breezes and gorse hedges that line the entire landscape, they provide a unique challenge to all levels of golfer. More than just test pieces of strategy and skill, these courses offer … Read more

What Is A Bogey In Golf? Definition & Meaning

What Is A Bogey In Golf

Golf is a sport that has captivated audiences for centuries. It combines skill, strategy and competition into one beautiful game. But with so much complexity, it can be hard to understand terms and phrases used by golfers everywhere – like “bogey.” What exactly is a bogey in golf? Well, in this post, we’ll break it … Read more

What Is An Albatross In Golf? Definition & Meaning

What Is An Albatross In Golf

What is an Albatross in Golf? An albatross in golf is also known as a double eagle and is achieved when a player scores three under par on a single hole. This level of precision and skill sets albatrosses apart from other impressive feats in golf. To put it into perspective, think of a golfer … Read more

What Are Golf Handicaps? Meaning & Golf Handicap Calculation

What Are Golf Handicaps

Golf handicaps are a great way to measure your golf game, no matter what your level of skill. They help you track individual improvement, provide helpful insights on how to raise the bar and create an even playing field among different golfers. This article will explain what exactly a golf handicap is and go through … Read more

What is An Eagle in Golf? Meaning & Definition

What is an Eagle in Golf

Do you know what an eagle in golf is? If you have been playing the sport for a while, this term is likely, not new. However, if golf is foreign to your world, understanding exactly what it means when someone says they ‘made eagle’ can be confusing without further context. An eagle in golf is … Read more

What Does “E” Mean in Golf Scoring System?

Golf is a popular sport that requires skill, strategy, and precision. The scoring system used in golf can be a bit confusing for those unfamiliar with the rules of the game. In this article, we will discuss what “E” means in the golf scoring system and delve into other important scoring terms. What Does “E” … Read more

What Does ‘Pin High’ Mean in Golf?

what does pin high mean

Welcome to our golf blog, where we explore the fascinating world of this remarkable sport and all its nuances. I’m sure that many beginners get confused about many golf terms when exploring the golf world. “Pin high” is a typical example. So, we’re here to shed some light on a term that you may have … Read more

What Is A Divot In Golf? What You Need To Know

In the realm of golf, there exists a multitude of jargon and techniques that may be unfamiliar to newcomers or those lacking extensive experience. Our focus today centers around the concept of the golf divot. As professionals, it is essential to grasp the nuances and significance of the divot within the game. Therefore, let us … Read more

What Is A Pro-Am In Golf? Criteria And Cost To Attend

What is a Pro Am in Golf

When it comes to tournaments in golf, people talk about professional events such as PGA championships, Master, U.S. Open, and LIV tournaments…These events are only for professional golfers who are skillful and famous in golf. What about the play for amateur golfers? The survey conducted by The Professional Athlete Index revealed that only one out … Read more