Golf Bag Size: Height, Weight and Diameter

by Alvin Daniel
golf bag size

Golf bags come in all shapes and sizes – but selecting the right size can be one of the biggest decisions any golfer will make. Not only does it need to fit your clubs snugly, but it must also be comfortable and easy to carry around on the golf course. This blog will explore everything you need about golf bag sizes, including height, weight, and diameter. We’ll cover a good overall size for a golf bag and how different types of bags vary in terms of size expectations. Let’s get started!

What Are The Standard Sizes of a Golf Bag?

The average height of a golf bag without clubs is 36 inches, but with clubs added, that number can reach up to 50 inches. Of course, the exact height of your bag will depend on the type and number of clubs you’re carrying.

Note that most regular clubs won’t push your bag’s height past the 50-inch mark.

Along with height, the diameter of a standard bag is usually 10 inches. This space is designed to accommodate all the items a golfer may need for a day on the course.

How Much Does A Golf Bag Weigh?

There are a few factors that influence it. Firstly, the size and type of bag will affect its weight. A standard golf bag typically weighs anywhere between 2.5 and 5 pounds. However, certain bags, such as carts or tour bags, can weigh 7 or 11 pounds due to their larger size and added features.

Once you start filling it with clubs and accessories, the weight can easily climb to 25-35 pounds. Additionally, This weight can be attributed to the materials used in the construction of the bag, with most being made of polyester, nylon or leather.

How Are Golf Bags Measured?

Golf bags have come a long way from the simple carry bags of old. Nowadays, manufacturers use sophisticated tools to measure their bags precisely. This precision is crucial in creating a golf bag that looks good, is practical, and is functional for the golfer.

Different bags require different measurements, meaning that makers must understand what their target market wants. Features such as pockets and straps are carefully considered and scrutinized, with every inch of space used to maximum effect. A well-designed golf bag should make life on the course easier for the golfer.

What Is The Right Weight For A Golf Bag?

The weight of your golf bag varies depending on how many clubs you’re carrying. The more clubs you have, the heavier your carrier will be. With the regulation limit of 14 clubs, you can expect your bag to weigh around 30 pounds. However, some professional players use extremely heavy clubs, resulting in tour bags reaching up to 50 pounds. Fortunately, they typically have a caddy to do all the heavy lifting. 

Manufacturers make carriers using materials like nylon and canvas to keep the bag as light as possible. Ultimately, the weight of your golf bag comes down to personal preference and how comfortable you feel carrying it around the course. If you mind shouldering the weight, you can opt for a lighter option.

Once you’ve determined the perfect golf bag size, learn about the Unique Golf Clubs Used by Tiger Woods to complete your set.

Are All Golf Bags The Same Size?

Golf bags come in various sizes ranging from compact to extra-large. Make sure to factor in how many items you’ll need to carry in your bag and the type of game being played when selecting a size.

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