Different Types of Golf Bags: Find Out Details About It All

Golf is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, but without the right gear, it just won’t be as fun. One essential item for any golfer’s arsenal is a quality golf bag – not only does it make carrying your equipment easier, but it also comes in many different styles that can enhance your game.

Whether you’re relatively new to the sport or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade their kit, understanding what type of golf bag will work best for you is key. In this blog post, we’ll explore each style of golf bag available and discuss how to ensure you purchase the one that fits your needs perfectly!

Cart Bags

taylormade golf cart bag
TaylorMade Cart Bag

A golf cart bag is a type of golf bag specifically designed to be carried on a golf cart. It typically has a larger size and more storage capacity than other golf bags to accommodate all the necessary golf clubs, balls, and accessories.

Golf cart bags are usually made of lightweight materials and are equipped with straps or handles for easy transportation. They also have multiple pockets for organizing golf balls, gloves, snacks, and personal belongings.

With a golf cart bag, golfers can comfortably carry all their gear without worrying about the weight, as the cart does most of the heavy lifting.

Who Is The Cart Bag Suitable For?

Golfers who enjoy walking the course and carrying their clubs need a sturdy and functional golf cart bag to ease their round. The golf cart bag is designed for golfers who prefer a push or electric cart instead of carrying their bag on their shoulders. Its size and shape are designed to fit on the back of a golf cart or a pull/push cart.

Tour Bags

pxg tour staff bag
Pxg Tour Staff Bag

A golf tour bag is a large, sturdy bag that is designed to hold and protect a professional golfer’s clubs and accessories during travel. These bags are specifically built to withstand the rigors of the road and provide maximum protection to a golfer’s equipment.

They typically have enough room to store up to 14 clubs and additional pockets for other golf-related items such as balls, tees, gloves, and rain gear. Golf tour bags also feature padded straps and handles for easy transport, reinforced zippers, and stitching to ensure durability.

Who Is The Tour Bag Suitable For?

The golf tour bag is often carried by a caddie, allowing the golfer to focus solely on their game. It is also commonly used by professional golfers during tournaments. While the golf tour bag may not be practical for everyday use, it is an excellent investment for committed golfers who want to protect and transport their clubs in style.

Travel Bags

IZZO golf travel bag
IZZO Travel Bag

A golf travel bag is specially designed to protect golf clubs during transport and comes in different styles, such as soft-sided, hard-sided or hybrid. Soft-sided bags have a lightweight design and are easier to store when not in use. On the other hand, hard-sided bags offer maximum protection for golf clubs during travel. Hybrid bags combine the features of both soft and hard-sided bags, offering a balance of durability and flexibility.

With a golf travel bag, you can ensure that your golf clubs are safe and secure whenever you are on the go, whether you’re heading to a local golf course or taking a trip to an exotic destination.

Who Is The Travel Bag Suitable For?

Investing in a high-quality golf travel bag is necessary if you’re a golfer who loves to travel. But who is this golf travel bag suitable for? Well, anyone who wants to protect their golf clubs during transportation! Whether you’re flying across the country for a golf tournament or taking a road trip to your favorite course, a golf travel bag will ensure that your clubs arrive at your destination in one piece. These bags offer peace of mind by providing extra padding and protection for your expensive equipment.

Carry Bags

Types of Golf Bags
Golf Carry Bag

A golf carry bag with an ergonomic strap is designed for carrying on your shoulder or back. They have fewer pockets than cart bags but are still spacious enough to store plenty of gear and keep it organized. There are two main carry bags – stand bags and Sunday bags. Stand bags have a solid base so they can stand upright on the ground without needing to be leaned against something else for support. In contrast, Sunday bags are smaller and usually feature a single strap or handle for easy carrying.

Who Is The Carry Bag Suitable For?

Golf carry bags are suitable for anyone who easily carries their clubs around the course. They’re especially great for golfers who prefer to walk the course, as they don’t add unnecessary weight to your already heavy golf bag. Golf carry bags are also perfect for those who only play a few holes at a time or want to practice their swing at the driving range, as they allow for quick and easy club selection. With various styles, sizes and designs available, a golf carry bag is out there to meet every golfer’s needs.

Stand Bags

Ping Stand golf bag
Ping Stand Bag

A golf stand bag is a lightweight bag that is designed to stand on its own. It has leg support that can be extended to keep it upright while playing. The bag is designed to carry all your golfing essentials, including clubs, balls, gloves, and tees.

One of the main advantages of using a golf stand bag is its convenience. As it stands upright, you don’t have to worry about bending down to pick up your bag. Additionally, most golf stand bags are lightweight, making it easy to carry them around the course without getting tired.

Who Is The Stand Bag Suitable For?

This type of bag is designed to be carried easily, allowing golfers to free up their hands for other tasks. Stand bags are generally lighter than cart bags and feature two retractable legs that allow them to stand upright. They’re ideal for golfers who enjoy walking the course or prefer to travel lightly. The stand bag is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced golfers and is available in a range of colors and styles to suit all tastes.

Sunday Bags

cobra golf sunday bag
Cobra Sunday Bag

A Golf Sunday Bag is a lightweight, easy-to-carry golf bag that’s perfect for a relaxed round of golf. As the name suggests, it’s perfect for a leisurely round of golf on a Sunday afternoon and because the Caddies don’t work these days. These bags are designed to carry only your essential clubs, usually six or seven, so they could be better for heavy-duty rounds where you need all your golfing gear. But if you’re looking for a quick game of golf or heading out to the driving range, a Golf Sunday Bag is a perfect choice.

Who Is The Sunday Bag Suitable For?

These bags are compact, stylish, and easy to store, so they’re an excellent option for golfers who travel or have limited storage space. This type of bag is also especially popular among walkers who enjoy the course’s tranquility and want to avoid being encumbered by a heavy bag. The lightweight design of the Sunday bag makes it easy to carry and comfortable to use for extended periods.

Staff Bags

The golf staff bag is truly a heavyweight champion in the world of golf gear and offers ample room for golf essentials such as balls, gloves, tees, rangefinders, and even personal effects, ensuring that golfers can solely focus on their game.

Furthermore, the golf staff bag is not only durable and enduring, but it’s also equipped with a sturdy, adjustable shoulder strap, this bag makes transportation to and from the course effortless.

Who Is The Staff Bag Suitable For?

The staff bag, commonly used by dedicated assistants in prestigious tournaments and championships, is suitable for professional golfers who require the expertise and support of a dedicated staff member. These assistants help meticulously prepare for plays by carrying an array of golf clubs and other essential items, alleviating the weight and burden placed on the golfer.

What To Consider When Choose A Golf Bag?

When choosing a golf bag, there are several factors to consider. The primary considerations should include the type of course you plan to play on most often, how often you intend to use your bag and the features that best suit your needs and preferences. Here are some other important factors to contemplate:

Bag size: The size of the bag should be determined by the number of clubs you need to carry. For example, if you plan to play a full 18-hole round of golf, a larger bag will provide enough room for your entire set. On the other hand, if you prefer to play fewer holes or practice at the driving range, a smaller bag may be more suitable.

Bag style:  Golf bags come in various styles, from lightweight stand/carry to more heavy-duty cart bags. Consider the type of course you play on most often and whether a bag with straps or one that fits into a golf cart would be most suitable for your needs.

Bag features: Many golf bags come with various features, such as multiple pockets for storing items, water-resistant fabrics for improved durability, umbrella holders for rainy days and comfortable straps for easy carrying. Consider these options when selecting a bag to ensure that your bag meets all of your needs.

Quality: The quality of a bag is an important factor to consider. Durable materials, zippers and straps ensure your bag will last for years. High-quality bags typically have longer warranties or guarantees, so read the fine print before purchasing. 

Weight:  If you plan to carry your bag for a full round of golf, the bag must be lightweight enough to manage comfortably. Check the weight of different bags before purchase and consider how much they will weigh when filled with clubs and other items.

Budget: As with any purchase, the budget is always important. Golf bags range in price from relatively inexpensive models to more expensive options with additional features and higher-quality materials. Consider your financial capabilities when deciding on a golf bag that fits your needs and budget.


Overall, golf bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different types of golfers. Depending on how often you play the game and what kind of golfer you are, there is a bag that can help make your time spent on the course more enjoyable and organized. Consider carefully which golf bag is right for you, considering all aspects such as cost, type of course, space required and design features. With a little research, anyone can find the perfect golf bag to fit all these needs.

Suppose you still need to decide which bag would be best. In that case, it might be worth consulting the instructor or trying out different in-store options before committing to a purchase. Your golf bag should reflect your style while offering enough storage capabilities to improve your performance on the tee box. Don’t let it limit you – start playing to your potential by selecting the ideal carrying device for what you need today and tomorrow.

Good luck and happy golfing!


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