Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls? Brand Behind This Popular Golf Ball

Nitro golf balls are the perfect option for any golfer and their budget. You may easily recognize many golfers using Nitro golf balls, especially amateur golfers. It’s popular thanks to its reasonable price and its quality. 

So, which brand makes this golf ball and how the brand can make a golf ball that meets the quality with that price and everything about their products, materials, and technologies will be discussed in this article. 

Are you hesitant to make a decision? Just exploring now to grasp the helpful information. 

Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls? Exploring Nitro Brand

Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls
Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls? Exploring Nitro Brand

Nitro Golf Balls are made by Nitro Golf Company. This is a company based in Stuart, Florida, USA, and is owned by Reliable Knitting Works. 

With over 25 years of operating experience in the golf industry, Nitro Golf, initially known as Nitro Leisure Product, has established itself as a manufacturer of high-performance golf equipment at a reasonable price. 

The company’s mission is to provide golfers with the highest quality clubs, bags, carts, and golf balls at an affordable price

Nitro Golf has a strong focus on catering to players who golf occasionally for entertainment or beginners looking to improve their game. 

During your golf journey, I’m sure that many times you wonder and look for golf ball brands that meet the quality also suitable for a tight budget. As a beginner or even an amateur golfer is on the way to becoming a professional, it’s not easy.

It’s harder if you don’t have a large budget and enough conditions to nurture your hobby and invest in your dream while golfing equipment isn’t cheap. 

That’s when you think about this golf ball brand.

In the next part, we give you the full list of Nitro Golf Ball product lines and the features that make them outstanding compared to the competitors.

Nitro Golf Ball – Product Line

Nitro Golf Pulsar – Exceptional Distance and Softer Feel

Nitro Golf Balls
Nitro Golf Ball Pulsar – Exceptional Distance and Soft Feel

This is the most popular Nitro golf ball because it is suitable for all handicaps, providing quality that is exceptional at its price. 

The Nitro Golf Ball Pulsar delivers exceptional distance and a softer feel, making it an excellent choice for golfers seeking enhanced performance on the course. 

This golf ball features a titanium-fused hybrid ionomer cover and a high-energy speedcore, which generates higher lift force and lower spin, resulting in greater accuracy and distance, even with off-center shots. 

With its low 90 compression design and 352 dimple patterns, the Pulsar provides mid-trajectory and stable ball flights. 

The HPF metal cover increases initial ball speed while maintaining low spin.

 The Pulsar is available in a 3-piece tour performance design, showcasing a new flat matte finish, and offered in six vibrant colors. 

Each pack includes 12 balls, ensuring you have plenty for your rounds. Experience exceptional distance and a softer feel with the Nitro Golf Ball Pulsar.

New – Nitro Golf Vision – Super Low 30 Compression

Introducing the New Nitro Golf Vision, engineered with cutting-edge technology to take your game to the next level. 

With hyper-compression technology and a super low 30 compression, this ball offers exceptional performance. Experience an incredible feel and touch, thanks to the skin-softening engineering technology. 

The oversized soft speed core enables high velocity and soft control, while the bimolecular cover with flat matte finish ensures a penetrating trajectory with ease of control. 

The New Nitro Golf Vision provides fast speed, long distance, ultimate feel, peak control, and high performance. Get ready to elevate your game with this 12-ball pack.

Nitro Golf Tour Distance Soft

The Nitro Golf Tour Distance Soft balls are built with hyper compression technology, ensuring super low compression of 40. These balls offer an incredible feel and touch, thanks to their bimolecular cover. 

With a penetrating trajectory and easy control, the Nitro Golf Tour Distance Soft balls provide fast speed and long distance, while still delivering ultimate feel and peak control. Available in 4 colors, they come in a convenient 15 ball pack.

Nitro Golf Ultimate Distance and Ultimate Distance Soft

Nitro Golf Ultimate Distance
Nitro Golf Ultimate Distance

Nitro Golf Ultimate Distance balls are known for their exceptional performance and reliability. These balls offer explosive distance off the woods and remarkable stopping ability with irons. 

With a solid 2-piece construction and a titanium core, they provide optimal durability. The cut-proof cover ensures their long-term usage. The aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design further contributes to their outstanding performance. 

Choose from two options: the Ultimate Distance Pack is available in 15 or 24 ball packs, both featuring a 90 compression. 

For those seeking exceptional softness, the Ultimate Distance Soft comes in a 24 ball pack with a 70 compression rating. 

Nitro Golf Crossfire – Suitable For Beginners

The Nitro Golf Crossfire is a golf ball that offers extraordinary distance in wooded areas while providing ultimate stopping ability with your irons. 

It features a solid 2-piece titanium core and a Dupont Lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover for long-term durability. 

The aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design increases lift and reduces drag, resulting in higher and longer shots. 

With its 85 compression, the Nitro Golf Crossfire is an ideal choice for beginners looking for reliable performance on the course.

Nitro Golf Maximum Distance – Durable

Nitro Golf Maximum Distance - Durable
Nitro Golf Maximum Distance – Durable

Introducing Nitro Golf Maximum Distance, designed for all levels of golfer. 

With its solid 2-piece titanium core, this golf ball ensures maximum energy transfer from club head to the ball, resulting in exceptional spin control and long distance. 

Made from Dupont Lithium Surlyn, these golf balls are known for their durability and cut-proof nature, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of the game. 

Nitro Golf White Out – Proprietary White Hot Core Technology

Nitro Golf White Out - Proprietary White Hot Core Technology
Nitro Golf White Out – Proprietary White Hot Core Technology

The Nitro Golf White Out is equipped with proprietary white-hot core technology that ensures peak performance and impressive distance. 

Its semi-translucent cover provides vibrant colors and exceptional visibility, setting a new standard in the industry. 

With a low 70 compression and an aerodynamic, symmetrical dimple design on the Dupont Lithium Surlyn® cover, this golf ball delivers unmatched quality and consistency. Available in a 15-ball pack, the Nitro Golf White Out comes in four colors and a multi color pack to cater to all preferences.

Nitro Golf Eclipse

The Nitro Golf Eclipse features a semi-translucent cover with Tu Tone technology, providing easy putting alignment. It is equipped with special blended polybutadiene cores for exceptional distance and a softer feel. 

Boasting a compression rating of 70, it offers optimal performance. With 12 color style options available, the Nitro Golf Eclipse comes in a 12-ball pack, making it a reliable choice for golf enthusiasts.

Nitro Golf Glycerin – Designed for Low to Mid Swing Speeds

Nitro Golf Glycerin is a remarkable golf ball that features a semi-translucent cover and a soft feel, coupled with a lower 70 compression. 

This innovative design offers exceptional performance and spin ratio for greenside control. The super reactive titanium core ensures maximum energy transfer, while the ball is specifically designed for golfers with low-to-mid swing speeds. 

Nitro Golf Liquid – Designed for Ultimate Distance

Nitro Golf Liquid excels in delivering exceptional performance and precision. Its greenside control is unparalleled, ensuring incredible accuracy for golfers of all levels. 

With more loft, the ball achieves a longer flight, while the titanium core provides optimal distance. Meticulously designed for supreme distance, Nitro Golf Liquid boasts an ionomer cover that enhances initial velocity and flight.

Nitro Golf Blank Balls – Loose Pack and Color Options

Featuring a 90-compression rating, these balls are constructed with a solid 2-piece design and a titanium core. To ensure durability, the balls are equipped with a Dupont Lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover.

This design pack is suitable for buying retail and convenience when you need a golf ball in necessary cases. 

Nitro Golf Novelty Balls – Designed for Kids

Besides, Nitro Golf also provides ball packs with novelty designs such as sports packs, soccer, money, global, and patriotic that bring your kids excitement and enjoyment in practicing golf.

Exploring the Material and Technologies Making Nitro Golf Ball


Nitro Golf Ball uses three common core materials: titanium, polybutadiene and white-hot core


Titanium is a major contributor to the performance of golf balls. It is frequently used in the core of golf balls, helping make them lighter and more durable. 

Due to its lightweight nature, it can allow for greater energy transfer from the golfer’s club head to the ball. This enhanced energy transfer allows for increased distances when hitting off the tee or with long irons. 


Polybutadiene is a key component in today’s golf ball technology, and its use has drastically increased the performance of the average golf ball. 

This synthetic rubber material is highly resilient and elastic, which gives it an exceptional ability to absorb energy from impact, allowing for greater distances with each swing. 

In other words, this core material helps transfer more of the energy from the golfer’s club to the ball, giving it greater velocity and distance. This also helps reduce spin, resulting in a more true flight path for each shot. 

White-hot core

This is Nitro Golf’s proprietary core technology that helps increase the ball’s energy transfer efficiency and reduces spin for a more accurate flight path. 

It has a low compression design which means the soft is high that is suitable for swing speed in the middle range that can optimize the distance when your swing speed is not fast as a pro golfer.

The high COR rating of the White-hot core also helps to transfer power from your clubhead to the golf ball. The higher COR, the more energy is lost while the clubface is flexing more. It helps the ball come off the face faster and further. 


The cover of the Nitro golf balls is made from two common materials: Surlyn and ionomer.


Dupont Lithium Surlyn is a thermoplastic elastomer that helps provide improved ball flight characteristics, including increased distance, accuracy and control. 

It also provides superior durability, while being resistant to cuts and abrasions caused by the club face. 


Nitro Golf balls are also equipped with an ionomer cover for improved performance and enhanced durability. An ionomer is a type of thermoplastic elastomer that helps to reduce spin, ensuring greater accuracy on shots.

It also provides great feel and control around the greens, while being resistant to cuts and tears.

Besides, Nitro Golf also uses other materials such as Titanium-fused hybrid ionomer, HPF metal, Bimolecular, and Semi-translucent cover to provide optimal performance for players.


Nitro Golf’s compression ratings range from 70-90. A ball with a higher compression rating is generally more durable, but will offer less distance and velocity than a ball with a lower compression rating.

A golf ball with a low compression rating will produce maximum distances due to its softness and ability to efficiently transfer energy from clubhead to the ball. This is why low-compression golf balls are popular among recreational players, who want to get the most out of their swing.

High-compression golf balls are designed with a hardcore and a harder cover material, producing more spin which helps maintain accuracy. They are often used by skilled players who need greater control around the greens.

Aerodynamic and symmetrical Dimple


Nitro Golf utilizes aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple patterns to ensure greater ball-flight performance. The unique dimple design allows the ball to rise up in the air easily, creating a higher trajectory for more distance on shots. It also helps to reduce drag, resulting in a lower golf ball spin rate for improved accuracy.

Are Nitro Golf Balls Legal For Tournament Play?

Nitro golf balls are not approved for tournament play. However, they are great for practice rounds and everyday recreational use.

Do Nitro Golf Balls Use By Pro Golfers?

Nitro golf balls are not used by professional golfers. They are designed specifically for recreational players who want the most out of their rounds and provide maximum distances with improved accuracy and control.


Nitro Golf Balls offer golfers with a high-quality ball that provides maximum distance and improved accuracy. Their use of top-quality materials, such as titanium cores, Dupont Lithium Surlyn covers, and Ionomer technology provide an excellent combination for recreational players who want to get the most out of their game.

From its beginnings to today’s market, Nitro Golf Balls have become a popular choice for golfers everywhere. With its unique characteristics and technologies, it provides an excellent choice for any golfer looking to improve their game. Learn more about the features that make these balls so popular with players everywhere!


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