How Many Golfers Are On The Pga Tour?

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour is one of the most prestigious and competitive golf tournaments in the world. It attracts some of the best and most talented golfers from around the globe, all seeking to compete for highly coveted titles and prizes. This year promises to be no different, with over one hundred professional golfers now on the PGA Tour. With this huge reputation of the PGA, many golfers and fans may wonder how many pro players are on the PGA Tour and how PGA organizes their tournaments. Let’s dive right in to explore more exciting things about this prestigious tournament!

Overview of The PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is the main professional golf tour in North America and the United States, with tournaments spanning across both the United States and Canada. 

Since it began in 1929, the PGA Tour has become one of the most popular sports organizations in the world. It organizes some of the most prestigious golf tournaments on both domestic and international levels, including 43 week-to-week events. 

The signature events such as The Players Championship, FedEx Cup events, and President Cup. It also runs the main tournaments of PGA Tour Champions, Korn Ferry Tour, PGA Tour Canada, PGA Tour China, and PGA Tour Latinoamerica.

One thing we want to make clear to avoid misunderstanding is that the PGA Tour isn’t the PGA of America. PGA of America organizes four major championships: Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, and The Open, and runs the Senior PGA Championship.

Most PGA Tour events are held on renowned courses, and the tour also sponsors junior golf tournaments for up-and-coming players.

The PGA Tour currently features 47 official PGA tournaments each year, with an estimated total prize money of over $400 million. This money is awarded to the top finishers in each tournament, creating a competitive atmosphere that encourages professional excellence.

As a result, the PGA Tour has become a major force in the game of golf, with many of its players going on to become household names.

How Many Golfers Are On The PGA Tour?

Commonly, there are approximately 215 – 220 professional golfers on the PGA Tour. The tournament field consists of 144 to 156 different players each week because some of the 220 exempt players don’t get to attend all the events.

How Many Professional Golfers Are on the PGA Tour
Professional Golfers 

While this number fluctuates from year to year due to changes in qualification criteria and player retirement, it is typically a relatively consistent figure. There are around 144 players in early seasons and events during daylight hours. In the Summer months, the number of players is higher, commonly about 156 pros.

The PGA Tour membership consists of a wide variety of players, including experienced veterans and younger talent. The eligibility requirements are quite strict, with all professionals seeking to participate needing to attend and win some other popular events or have an established playing history. Some players can also gain entry through invitations from the tour itself by showing strong performance in previous events. 

In addition to full-time members, the PGA Tour also includes a number of “exempt players” who may enter certain tournaments on an invitation-only basis. These exemptions are awarded to players based upon certain achievements or accomplishments, such as winning a major championship or finishing in the top 125 in the annual FedEx Cup points rankings. 

Who Is Eligible To Play On The PGA Tour?

How Many Professional Golfers Are on the PGA Tour
Image Source: PGA

This prestigious golf tournament only includes around 220 players from around the world.

So, where is the opportunity for other golfers to attend PGA Tour events and how to become a player on PGA Tour?

Here will be the best part if you are looking for a way to turn into a pro in this prestigious tournament.

First of all, golfers without a PGA Tour Card can’t play on the PGA Tour. However, it doesn’t force you to have a Tour Card to play on PGA events which means you can play on other PGA-sponsored events without a Tour Card.

Before exploring how to be a player on the PGA Tour, we give you an overview of What is a PGA Tour Card?.

What Is a PGA Tour Card and Their Benefits?

A PGA Tour card is essentially a professional golf tour membership. It allows the player to compete in and gain access to certain events and tournaments on the PGA Tour, including the prestigious majors.

The card also offers its holder a number of benefits, such as priority tee times at many courses and entry into regional PGA Tour events. Additionally, players with PGA Tour cards are eligible for bonus prize money and endorsement deals.

Not all golfers who compete in the PGA Tour have PGA Tour cards, however. Those without a card can still vie for spots in certain tournaments on a week-to-week basis, depending on their performance.

How To Become A Golfer On The PGA Tour?

How Many Professional Golfers Are on the PGA Tour
Tiger Wood in the PGA Tour

We divided it into two parts: golfers who are members of the PGA and who aren’t.

People who are members:

1. Korn Ferry Tour Qualifying Tournament (Q-School)

  • 25 finishers are exempted from playing in the following year’s PGA Tour
  • 75 finishers are exempted from playing in the Korn Ferry Tour

2. Play in the Korn Ferry Tour

  • The top 50 are exempted

3. Play in the FedEx Cup

  • Players in the top 125 are exempted
  • In the top 126-200: exempt from participating in the Korn Ferry Tour Finals (where golfers have a chance to win a PGA Tour Card)
  • In the top 126-150 FedEx Cup and does not have a PGA Tour Card: gets a conditional PGA Tour and is completely exempt from the Korn Ferry Tour.

4. Money list

  • The top 25 money winners of the regular prizes are exempt
  • 1 time/ 1 year for players in the top 15 in career money-earning list
  •  2 times / 1 year for players in the top 25 money-earning list

5. Win other tournaments

  • Win 3 in events of the year
  • Win PGA tour: exemption min 2 years, maximum 5 years
  • Winning a World Golf Championship event, Tour Championship, Arnold Palmer Invitational, or Memorial Tournament is exempt for 3 years.
  • Wins Major Championship, Players Championship, and FedEx Cup get a 5-year exemption.

For the non-members:

  • Achieved a position equal to or higher than position 125 in the FedEx Cup.
  • Those who fail in the top 200 FedEx Cup qualify for the Korn Ferry Tour Finals.
  • Obtain Special Temporary Member status by passing the equivalent of 150th in last season’s FedEx Cup.
  • Special temporary members enjoy unlimited sponsor waivers, while non-members are limited to seven people per season and twelve events in total


How Many Players Are On The PGA Tour 2023?

There are around 215 – 220 professional golfers on the PGA Tour in 2023. The tournament field consists of 144 to 156 different players each week.

Can Golfers Play In Liv And Pga?

Golfers can play in both the LIV and PGA Tour events.

Do PGA players Get Paid?

PGA Tour players are paid for their performance in each tournament. The exact amount of money they receive depends on their finish position.

How Many PGA Tour Events Are There?

There are 47 PGA Tour events throughout the year. These tournaments range from smaller regional events to major championships.


The PGA Tour is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, and it attracts some of the best players from around the globe. This year t[there are approximately 215-220 professional golfers on tour, with 144 to 156 different players each week. Additionally, exemptions may be awarded based on certain achievements or accomplishments, like winning a major championship or finishing in the top 125 FedEx Cup points rankings. With so many talented professionals competing for spots at this exclusive event, achieving success here can mean big rewards, both financially and professionally!

Although most people are not professional golfers, it is unlikely to enter the PGA Tour. We can still enjoy playing golf on ordinary courses. offers a wide variety of customized award medals and you can even create your own golf tournament, which is a great idea for corporate, family events.



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