What Does ‘Thru’ Mean in Golf? Explaining How To Read Leaderboard

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of players and fans. As with any sport, golf has its own language which can be difficult to understand for newcomers. One term you might come across when looking at a leaderboard is ‘thru’. So what does this mean? This article will explain what ‘thru’ means in golf, why it’s used, and how to interpret a golf leaderboard. We’ll also look at some other useful terms for understanding scoring and other aspects of the game.


What Does ‘Thru’ Mean in Golf?

In golf, ‘thru’ is used as a shorthand way of saying the number of holes the player has completed in their current round. For example, if a player is listed as ‘3 thru’, it means they have finished three holes and are currently playing on the fourth hole of their round.

It’s important to note that ‘thru’ does not mean how many shots the golfer has taken overall; it simply indicates which hole they are currently on. A golfer may finish a hole in one shot, or they may take several shots to complete the hole – this does not affect how ‘thru’ is used.

What is “Thru” in the golf leaderboard used for?

What Does Thru Mean in Golf
What is “Thru” in the golf leaderboard used for? Image source: thenationalnews.com

Spectators and commentators can use this information to analyze and compare players’ performances throughout the round. For example, if one player is marked as ‘2 thru’, while another is listed as ‘4 thru’, then it’s safe to assume that the second player is two holes ahead of the first player. This information can be used to make predictions about who will finish with the lowest score at the end of their round or tournament.

What Does Thru F Mean In Golf?

What Does Thru F Mean In Golf
What does thru F mean in golf? Image source: rickrungood.com

In some cases, a golf leaderboard might also show ‘thru F’ next to a player’s name. This stands for ‘final thru’ and indicates that the golfer has completed the final hole of their round. This is usually shown in combination with their total score for the entire round, which can be used to determine how they have performed overall.

Besides, you may see other different ways to indicate “thru” in the leaderboard. Instead of using the abbreviation “thru”, some tournaments use “th”, or they don’t use an abbreviation, they use the full word “through” in the leaderboard.

What Does Through The Green Mean In Golf?

Some people make it wrong when discerning the “thru” on the leaderboard and “through the green”. To avoid this common mistake, we also include here what does through the green mean in golf.

Through the green (also known as “off the tee”) is a term used to describe any area of the golf course that is not part of a hazard or on the putting green. This includes areas of rough, fairway, and intermediate cut. 

Through the green, a golfer can take relief from certain kinds of hazards like sand traps and water. The term is mainly used to describe the state of play when a golfer is playing from the fairway or rough and has not yet reached the green. It can also refer to any shot taken after teeing off but before reaching the putting green.  

In stroke play, relief from through-the-green hazards are often part of the rules that govern golfers’ play. When playing matchplay, a golfer cannot take any relief from through-the-green hazards. Golfers must either go around them or else play the ball as it lies.  


How To Read A Golf Leaderboard?

How To Read A Golf Leaderboard
How to read a golf leaderboard? Image source: NYLUX Events

Professional golf tournaments, such as the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour, use a leaderboard to track which players are leading in the competition at any given time. In this article, we explain the common elements in a leaderboard to help you track the golf game easily.

The first element that one should note on a golf leaderboard is the header row, typically highlighted in bold print. This row identifies each column on the board by name, allowing for easier navigation when looking for specific data points. The most common headings are Player Name, Score (for each round), Thru (the current position of their round) total score (overall status across all rounds). Many boards also include other headings such as Today’s Score, Round 1, and Round 2.

Below the header row is where the players’ individual scores are outlined. The player’s name will appear first in this section followed by their score for each round of play. The total column will show a cumulative score of all rounds played thus far. It is important to note that if a player completes fewer than four rounds of play their total score may not be accurate until they complete all 18 holes.

At the bottom of some leaderboards, there are typically two rows labeled “Cut” and “Total” which indicate how many players have made the cut or not completed enough rounds to qualify for tournament standing respectively. This information helps viewers determine who is still in contention to win the tournament.


Other Common Golf Leaderboard Abbreviations

Besides ‘thru’, there are many other abbreviations used on golf leaderboards. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most commonly used ones:

F: Finished – The player has completed the day or a round of play.

Par (P): The number of strokes (or under par) it should take a golfer to complete a hole.

+/-: Shows how many shots a player is above or below par.

RD: Round – The number of rounds played in the tournament.

Thru: Through – Indicates what hole a golfer has completed during their round.

R1, R1, R3, R4: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, and Round 4 – This indicates the round of play.

WD: Withdrawal – The player withdrew during the round of play.

MC: Missed Cut – The player failed to make the cut and did not qualify for further rounds of play.

E: Even – The score of the player for the round is even par. It means the golfer has taken the same number of strokes as par for that round.

APP: Approach – The player has made a successful approach shot to the green.

BS: Strokes Gained Ball Striking (SG:OTT + SG:APP)

ARG: Around the Green.

PUTT: Putt – The player has made a successful putt on the green.

SG: Strokes Gained – This statistic measures the number of strokes a golfer has gained or lost compared to other players in the field.

T2G:  Strokes Gained Tee to Green

TOT: Total – This figure shows the total number of shots that a golfer has taken for the round.

What Does Thru Mean in Golf
Other common golf leaderboard abbreviations. Image source: Mike Fiechtner Photography



Golf leaderboards can be a valuable tool for following tournaments or competitions. However, it is important to understand the terminology and shorthand that is used in order to interpret the information correctly. We hope this article has provided a comprehensive guide to understanding what ‘thru’ means in golf, as well as other common terms and abbreviations used on golf leaderboards. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to more accurately track the progress of any tournament or competition and understand what’s occurring on the course


How Many Thrus Are In A Round Of Golf?

A round of golf typically consists of 18 holes, so the maximum thru count for any player is 17 thru. When a golfer completes 18 holes, it will display “F”. Any lower number indicates how many holes the golfer has finished so far in their round. For example, if a golfer is marked as 9 thru, it means they have finished nine holes and are still playing on the tenth hole.

What Is A Through Line In Golf?

A through line is a straight line connecting the tee box to the green on any given hole. This line can be used as a reference point for taking measurements throughout the course, such as distances from hazards or bunkers. It is also sometimes referred to as an ‘aiming line’.

What Does Total Mean In Golf?

The total column in a golf leaderboard indicates the cumulative score of all rounds played thus far.

What Does R2 Mean In Golf?

R2 stands for ‘Round 2’, indicating that a player is currently playing in the second round of competition.

What Is T And F In Golf?

T&F is a golf format used to determine the golf winner by counting 9 holes out of a 18-hole round.


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