How Far To Stand From Golf Ball? A Guide For Beginners

Golf is a popular sport worldwide, and it can be tricky to get the basics right. Though adjusting your stance isn’t too hard, some people, not only beginners, feel awkward and even make it wrong when making a stance. It is important to understand golf basics, including standing at a suitable distance from your golf ball when you take a shot. 

This guide will cover topics such as ball positioning, body posture, and stance width and discuss what happens if you stand too far or too close to the golf ball. By reading this article, readers, especially beginners, will better understand how to properly stand from their golf ball!


Understand Why A Good Form Is Important For Accurate Shots

The stance is the foundation for any golf shot, and having a good, balanced position will help you hit the ball more accurately and consistently. 

If your posture is too open or closed, it can cause the swing to become off-plane, directional issues, and casting of the club. This can lead to inconsistent shots in distance and accuracy, such as hitting the ball too low or too high, slicing or hooking the shot, or pulling it to one side. 

Your feet should be shoulder width apart, with your weight evenly distributed between them, depending on which type of shot you’re hitting. You should also ensure that your knees are flexed, your back is straight, and your shoulders square towards the target line whenever possible. All these factors will add stability and power to each shot as well as help you aim more accurately.

how far should you stand from golf ball
Distance To The Ball Is Important When Set Up The Golf Stance.

And one of the important elements, when you set up your correct stance, is the distance to the ball. Keep scrolling your cursor to the next part to explore how to stand from a golf ball in detail. 

How Far To Stand From The Golf Ball?

Before setting up your distance from the golf ball, knowing what happens if you stand too close or too far from the golf ball is better.

What Happens If You Stand Too Close To The Golf Ball?

What Happens If You Stand Too Close To The Golf Ball
What Happens if You Stand Too Close To The Golf Ball? Image Source: Cottonbro Studio

The consequences of standing too close to the golf ball can have a drastic impact on your game. 

When you stand too close to the ball, you won’t be able to fully utilize your lower body during your swing motion, as your arms will be locked and forced to hang too low. This results in lost momentum and power transfer from the body into the club head. As a result, much more of the force used for the shot has to come from your arms and hands, wasting one of your key sources of strength – resulting in less distance traveled by the ball. 

Moreover, standing too close to the golf ball is likely to cause some ugly shots, such as a slice, shank, or a hook. The fact that standing too far from the golf ball also may cause these shots, but in most cases are from a close position.

Furthermore, an improper stance can lead to slice or hook shots or even shanking (striking it off-center). A posture that’s too upright can also cause problems with your swing and accuracy. It is, therefore, important that you remain at the correct distance from the ball throughout your swing. 

What Happens If You Stand Too Far From The Golf Ball?

What Happens If You Stand Too Far From The Golf Ball
What Happens If You Stand Too Far From The Golf Ball?

Standing too far away from the golf ball can be disadvantageous while setting up your stance. 

When you stand too far, you have to extend your arms too far from the body, which could lead to a hook in the ball’s trajectory, ultimately affecting the shot’s precision. 

Moreover, an excessive bend from the waist and too much flex can force you to stretch your arms to get the club in line with the ball. It also keeps your arms locked from the elbow, which could result in losing control and power, crucial for a good shot.

Besides, you may add more movement because you stand too far from the ball that you tend to lend your body forward to the ball to hit the right position. Obviously, adding more movement makes you lose your balance which may cause an incorrect shot though you try to hit the right place. That’s a pity when you try to change your stance to get a wonderful golf shot, but ultimately, you receive a poor one.  

How Far Should You Stand From A Golf Ball?

To start off, don’t use the ball as a fulcrum to adjust your posture. Instead, focus on your comfort level. Begin by placing your feet shoulder-width apart, and lean your shoulder slightly towards the behind of the golf ball. This will help you make the right impact on the ball. Make sure to keep your back straight and bend over it.

Check if your arms are flexible and comfortable by hanging them naturally, then take the club. If you find any blockages in your wrist or elbows or feel that your arms are too far to control, adjust them by pulling them back towards your body or pushing them away until you feel confident with your stance.

Once you are comfortable with your stance, let the ball be your target. Remember to adjust your position, not your posture, when moving forward or backward. Experienced golfers may adjust the distance between them and the ball according to their own experience, but beginners should stick to the general rules.

Additionally, in case you want to estimate the distance from your golf ball, consider your body type and the club used. Take an imaginary line from the middle of your toe through the target line, and adjust your positioning accordingly for a higher or lower launch angle.

How Far Should You Stand From A Golf Ball
How Far Should You Stand From A Golf Ball? Image Source: Groupon

In summary, the answer to “How far should you stand from a golf ball” is not a fixed number such as 7 feet, 6 feet, or 5 feet…The important thing is you set up the posture that gives you the most comfort and confidence to hit a shot.

Why Do Golfers Stand Closer To The Golf Ball?

You do know how to stand correctly from the golf ball, but why do some golfers who stand closer to the golf ball can hit a perfect shot though it can lead to some ugly shots?

That’s because we talked about “too close.” In some cases, many golfers prefer to stand closer to the golf ball because it gives them more advantage.

how far to stand from a golf ball
Why Do Golfers Stand Closer To The Golf Ball? Image Source: Jopwell

First, doing so prevents them from hunching too far over to reach the ball, which helps them maintain a more upright swing for straighter shots. 

Additionally, standing closer to the ball enables golfers to strike the center of the clubface more frequently, leading to more accurate and consistent shots. 

Finally, by positioning themselves closer to the ball, golfers are able to retain their balance on the balls of their feet, which can help them maintain proper form throughout their swing.

Common Mistakes When Setting Up Stance In Golf

Besides standing too close or too far from the ball, golfers may make other mistakes when setting up the golf stance. It’s better for you to know common mistakes to avoid them when practicing. We list here some of them to help you to improve your game.

Failing to stand with feet shoulder-width apart is a common mistake in golf stances. This can lead to an inability to properly execute a swing, as the base of support is too narrow and makes it difficult to create a stable position throughout the entire swing. 

Having an improper grip on the club is also important when setting up a stance in golf. An incorrect grip can lead to a slice or fade in your shot, as the club face will not be able to rotate properly during the swing. To maintain control of the clubhead throughout your swing, ensure that you place your hands correctly on the grip and adjust accordingly if necessary. 

Not bending at the waist when swinging is another common mistake with golf stances. Keeping a straight back while swinging can prevent you from achieving the correct angle of attack for your shot and lead to inconsistent contact with the ball. Make sure to bend at the waist and maintain a proper posture throughout your swing for the best results. 

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Golf is a game that requires precision and finesse, and proper stance from the golf ball is essential to ensure accurate shots, especially how to adjust the distance between you and the golf ball. To get the basics right, it’s important to stand in a comfortable position with feet shoulder-width apart. Additionally, consider factors such as body type and club selection to properly adjust your distance from the ball. It can be tricky to get the basics of golf down, but with practice and time, you will have it mastered in no time!


How Far Should You Stand From The Golf Ball With The Driver?

The exact distance you should stand from the ball with your driver will depend on a variety of factors, such as your body type and club selection. Generally, you should place your feet shoulder-width apart and lean slightly towards the behind of the golf ball to establish a comfortable stance for your shot. It’s the same when you use other clubs; it partly depends on the length of the club and also depends on other factors. 

How Far Should I Stand From The Golf Ball When Chipping?

When chipping, you will want to stand slightly closer to the ball than you would for a full swing. This allows you to make contact with the ball at a lower point and reduce the amount of spin on your shot. Aim to place your feet just outside the width of your shoulders for the best results.

Should I Stand Tall In The Golf Swing?

It’s important to maintain proper posture when putting in order to ensure that you are able to strike the golf ball with accuracy and power. The general rule of thumb is to stand about one arm’s length away from the golf ball. This will give you enough room to smoothly swing your putter back and forth without feeling cramped.


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