How Do Golfers Get Paid? Exploring Professional Golfers’ Earnings

Professional golfers have the potential to make a lot of money, but it isn’t always easy. To understand how golfers get paid, this article will explore the different ways in which professional golfers earn money. We’ll look at how the prize money is awarded, the role sponsorships and endorsements play, and other sources of income, such as broadcast rights fees, appearance fees, and product endorsements. 


Do Professional Golfers Get Paid?

The answer is not really. In reality, a golfer is considered an independent contractor more than an employee in PGA. But PGA guarantees $500,00 for all players; with that amount, golfers can pay for any costs, including airfare, meals, lodging, and even for their caddies.

In fact, some of the biggest tournaments in the world offer prize money that can reach millions of dollars for the winner. For example, The Masters tournament offers a total purse of over $18 million, with the winner earning $3,240,000. Some other events such as the PGA Tour championship or Ryder Cup, also reward players with hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in winnings. Moreover, the Saudi sovereign wealth fund backed LIV with at least $2 billion, revolutionizing the world of golf. Their regular-season events feature $25 million purses.

Additionally, many professional golfers make additional income from sponsorships and endorsements which can be even more lucrative than tournament winnings alone. Professional golfers have to work hard to achieve success, but those who do well can make quite a good living.

There are a lot of ways to earn money from becoming a professional golfer, so how to get money in detail? Check out the next part, How Do Professional Golfers Get Paid?


How do Professional Golfers Earn Money?

How Do Pro Golfers Get Paid
Tiger Woods


Professional golfers get paid through tournament winnings by receiving a certain amount of money for each event that they enter and participate in. The amount of money earned is based on the prize pool established for the tournament, and it varies depending on the size and prestige of the event.

Generally speaking, players are awarded monetary prizes for their performances in all four major championships – The Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship, and PGA Championship – as well as other smaller tournaments throughout the year. A professional golfer’s total earnings can be calculated by adding up all of his or her tournament winnings over a given season. 

The prize pool which is set for the tournament depends on what tour it is. It is also called “Purse Golf”. Each golf tour has its own purse and a way to distribute the purse in golf. Keep reading to explore ways to set the purse of two popular golf tours currently: PGA Tour and LIV.

How To Distribute The Purse And Winning Share In Golf?

In PGA Tour, the purse is generally distributed among the top finishers in descending order and calculated based on a percentage of the total purse. In most events, 60% of the purse is paid out in prize money, while 40% goes towards operating expenses.

The race rewards are distributed as follows: 18% of the total prize money goes to the winner, and the second and third places earn 10.8% and 6.8%, respectively. The reward scale gradually decreases from fourth through tenth places, where all achievers receive between 2.7% to 4.8% each. Scoring lower beyond these ranking earns minimal pay ranging from 0.2% of the purse.

In addition to receiving a portion of the purse, players also earn Official World Golf Ranking points which can help them qualify for certain tournaments and Ryder Cup selection. The winner of each event also receives FedEx Cup points, which are used to calculate season-long standings and determine the winner of the $10 million bonus at the end of the season. 

In LIV, the purse is distributed in a different way compared with PGA Tour. In its regular-season events, LIV offers a $25 million prize money for each event, and the top finishers receive between 15% to 4%, respectively. Every player who makes the cut will claim a share of that money, with no one receiving less than 1%. As with PGA Tour, players also receive world rankings points and the winner of each event gets awarded FedExCup points.

How Much of Their Winnings Do Golfers Keep After a Tour?

With this lucrative money prize, professional golfers will keep a certain amount. After their winnings, the prize will be paid for other costs. For example, taxes and expenses related to travel. Professional golfers are also responsible for taking care of their caddies’ fees, which can range from a few hundred dollars up to 10 percent of the golfer’s winnings and suggested a minimum of 5%. It depends on the deal between the golfer and the caddie before the tour.

This means that typically a professional golfer will keep about 60-70% of the prize money they win from a tournament.

How Do Professional Golfers Get Paid
Phil Mickelson & Tiger Woods


Professional golfers get paid from endorsements by signing deals with companies to represent their brands. Endorsement deals may include the golfer wearing a certain type of clothing or using a specific type of golf equipment while competing in tournaments. 

Other endorsement deals may involve the golfer appearing in television, radio, and print advertisements for the company’s products or services. 

Additionally, some professional golfers have been known to sign long-term endorsement contracts that last several years and provide them with an additional source of income. 

Professional golfers can also receive bonuses for achieving certain milestones such as winning major tournaments. These financial incentives help keep professional golfers motivated and competitive on the course. 

Although it is possible to make a good living through endorsement deals and tournament winnings, the vast majority of professional golfers rely on sponsorships from corporations to make their living. 

Sponsorships are usually in the form of a company’s financial contribution to cover expenses associated with playing golf as a profession such as travel expenses and tournament entry fees. These sponsorships may also provide access to additional resources that can help enhance performance such as access to private practice facilities and equipment. 

In return, companies may require golfers to wear their logos while competing or give them special recognition during promotional events. Sponsorships are an essential source of income for professional golfers but they also allow companies to gain exposure through their association with athletes that have earned respect through hard work and dedication on the course. 


In addition to tournament and endorsement winnings, professional golfers can also earn money through appearance fees. 

Appearance fees are paid when a golfer is asked to appear at an event or function. The amount of the fee depends on the reputation and popularity of the golfer but generally ranges from $10,000-$50,000 per appearance. 

Appearance fees aren’t necessarily tied to any specific event or tournament; instead, professional golfers can be paid for simply attending corporate functions, promotional events, or even giving instruction at a golf school. Some pros will also make arrangements with private companies for personalized appearances in exchange for additional income.

 Finally, some pros may also receive personal invitations from high-profile individuals who request their presence at social functions. While this type of private appointment can’t always be counted on as a source of income, it is one way many pros supplement their earnings. 

In general, most professional golfers don’t draw large appearance fees unless they are highly ranked in the world rankings. Nonetheless, appearance fees still provide an important source of income for many players and can be an integral part of the overall golfing business model. Although these fees aren’t always publicized, like tournament winnings or endorsements, they remain an important factor in determining how much money professional golfers make.

How Do Golfers Get Paid
How Do Pro Golfers Get Paid?

Player Impact Program

Professional golfers have a new revenue stream thanks to the Player Impact Program (PIP), which was introduced by the PGA Tour in 2021. The PIP pays players for their impact on social media and surrounding platforms, but the PGA Tour did not initially disclose the formula for how individuals could win the prize money.

The top 10 finishers received a payout totaling $40 million dollars. Looking ahead to 2022, the PGA Tour has announced an increase in the PIP payout to $50 million dollars. This news will surely bring a new level of excitement and motivation to professional golfers as they look to enhance their social media presence and impact on the sport. Overall, the PIP is a valuable addition to the PGA Tour and a great opportunity for professional golfers to earn additional income.

Golf Coach

Aside from prize money and endorsements, pro golfers also receive additional income from teaching clinics. For instance, some players may be asked to do a clinic or demonstration at a corporate event or even give private lessons to wealthy individuals. This type of work can be lucrative as each lesson may be worth several hundred dollars.

In addition, some players opt to become golf coaches, which requires them to have the necessary credentials and skills to teach the game. The financial investment required to become a golf coach is minimal, but this line of work has great potential for long-term income.


Average Earning on a Tour of Professional Golfers

How Do Profesional Golfers Get Paid
Rory McIlroy

Professional golfers can make a lot of money when they are on tour. The amount that a professional golfer can expect to earn from a single tournament is usually around $200k.

However, the average earnings for professional golfers on tour are around $1,485,055 in 2022. The most successful players tend to have higher incomes than other players due to endorsements and appearance fees. For example, Tiger Woods earned over $60 million in 2020 alone, most of which came from endorsements.


How Much Money Does the PGA Tour Make?

The PGA Tour is the primary source of income for professional golfers. The organization has a total estimated value of $1.5 billion and generated over $110.0M in revenue in 2022.

In addition to its regular season events, the PGA Tour also hosts four major tournaments every year, which generate millions in additional revenue from television rights fees alone. The Masters Tournament is one of the biggest events on tour and generates an estimated profit of at least $30 million this year.

Overall, the PGA Tour is one of the most profitable sports organizations in the world and continues to grow each year with more sponsorships, increased media coverage, and more fans attending tournaments. As the sport of golf continues to grow in popularity and with new technological advancements such as digital media streaming, it is likely that the PGA Tour will continue to make significant profits for years to come.



Who Is The Highest-Paid Golfer?

The highest-paid golfer in the world is Phil Mickelson, estimated at around $138 million in 2022.

Would Pga Tour Players Still Receive Payment In Case They Miss The Cut?

PGA Tour players do not get paid if they miss the cut. Prize money is only awarded to those that make the cut and finish in the top 10.

Do Golfers Pay Taxes On Winnings?

Golfers are required to pay taxes on winnings from tournaments. The amount of tax depends on the country where the tournament is held and the golfer’s individual circumstances. Golfers may also be eligible for deductions based on their travel expenses or other related costs.

What Expenses Do Golfers Have?

Golfers have many expenses, including travel, lodging, equipment, and other related costs. They also incur fees for their caddies and coaches. Some golfers may even be required to pay taxes on any prize money earned.

How Much Money Does A Pro Caddy Make?

The earnings of a caddy in professional golf can be substantial, with some earning as much as $3,000 per tournament and receiving a percentage of the player’s winnings. One prime example is Ted Scott, who reportedly earned the highest $978,600 in 2022.


Final Thoughts

Making money as a professional golfer is no easy task. It requires constant practice and dedication to the game, not to mention negotiating sponsorships and endorsements. However, with hard work and determination, it is possible for golfers to turn their passion into a lucrative career. Golfers who are able to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them – prize money, sponsorships, endorsements, and private coaching – can make a comfortable living from the game they love.



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