How To Stop Blocking Shots In Golf: Tips And Techniques

Blocking shots in golf is a common mistake that can ruin your game and cost you strokes. Blocking shots occurs when the clubhead moves too far to the right or left on the downswing, resulting in a blocked shot that goes straight or even worse, off target. In this guide, we will provide some tips and techniques to help you stop blocking shots and improve your golf game.


What Is A Block In Golf?

The blocked shot occurs when the ball starts right of the intended target and stays there, usually traveling in a straight path without any curve to the left or right. The clubface is square but the swing path is too much inside to out and right of the target line, resulting in a shot that misses its mark. While the ball may be hit in the middle of the clubface, the inside to outside swing path is severe enough to cause the shot to veer off course. 

However, a severely curved shot is also problematic, known as either a push hook or a push slice. When it comes to bump shots, minimal spin is key for optimal results. 


The Causes of Blocked Shots

How To Stop Blocking In Golf
The Causes of Blocked Shots

Blocked shots in golf are caused by bad technique or incorrect positioning and can lead to poor scoring. To prevent blocked shots, golfers need to focus on their body mechanics and maintain an optimal swing plane.

Incorrect grip pressure is another common cause of blocked shots, resulting in a loss of power and accuracy. Golfers should ensure that they maintain light but firm grip pressure throughout the swing, as this will help to maintain a consistent tempo and rhythm.

The weight transfer can also cause blocked shots if performed incorrectly. Golfers must maintain an even shift of their body weight from the back to the front foot while maintaining balance throughout the swing.

An incorrect ball position or stance can cause a blocked shot. Golfers should ensure they are positioned correctly over the ball and that their feet, hips and shoulders are aligned properly in order to make an effective and consistent golf swing.


How To Stop Blocking Shots In Golf?

Make Sure You Are Aligned Right To The Target

In order to stop blocking shots in golf, it is essential to make sure that your body and clubface are properly aligned. Before making your shot, take the time to assess your posture and aim. Make sure that you are facing straight ahead and not leaning too far to the right. Doing so will help you hit a straighter shot since your body weight will be centered and you won’t have to worry about the ball going too far to the right.

Optimal Takeaway Technique for Eliminating Blocking in Golf

Properly executing the takeaway technique is an essential element of preventing blocked shots in golf. With your body and clubface aligned, you can ensure that the ball will travel directly and not veer off course by taking the club back an inside-square-inside club path. Work on developing a smooth, fluid motion in order to hit the ball with accuracy and power.

Achieving Path-Aligned Clubface Position

If changing your swing or club path isn’t an option, drawing the ball may be a viable alternative. The key is to get your clubface to be closed relative to your inside-out club path, and this can be accomplished through a slightly closed stance or a strengthened grip. While this technique may take some practice to master, it could potentially improve your game and help you overcome those pesky blocked shots.

Executing Full Rotational Hip and Shoulder Turns

Finally, make sure to complete your hip and shoulder turns in order to keep the club on its intended path. This will help you create more power with less effort and also help you avoid any blocked shots during your golf game. As your arms reach full extension, remember to rotate your hips and shoulders for a smooth follow through. Doing this will help you hit the ball straight and prevent any blocks from occurring. 

With these tips in mind, you should feel more confident in your ability to stop blocking shots in golf. Make sure to practice proper alignment, utilize an inside-square-inside club path during your takeaway, draw the ball if necessary and complete your hip and shoulder turns for a smooth swing. Doing so will help you hit the ball straight and improve your game! 


Tips to Stop Blocking Shots

How To Stop Blocked Shots In Golf
Tips to Stop Blocking Shots

Adjusting alignment

Stance and posture is the key to preventing blocked shots in golf. Taking the correct setup will help make sure your clubface is square at impact.

Align your feet parallel to the intended target line and keep your weight distributed evenly on both sides of the body. Make sure that you have a comfortable posture with your spine angle tilted slightly away from the target line. Position your arms so that they hang naturally from your shoulders and keep them close to your body during the swing.

Maintaining a relaxed grip

Gripping the club too tightly can lead to blocked shots by forcing your hands ahead of the club head. To ensure you have a relaxed grip, maintain light pressure with your fingers and thumbs while keeping your wrists slightly bent. This will help keep the clubface square at impact and reduce the chances of blocking shots.

Developing swing tempo

Another key to reducing blocked shots is developing a consistent swing tempo. Make sure you take your time when swinging the club and that each part of the backswing, downswing and follow-through are completed in the same amount of time on every shot. This will help create a smoother golf swing and keep your arms from getting ahead of the club head.

Enhancing Shoulder Rotation

Blocked shots are often caused by the arms moving too fast during the backswing. To help prevent this from happening, focus on keeping your shoulders rotating together throughout the entire swing. This will allow you to keep a consistent tempo, maintain a square clubface and reduce the chances of blocked shots.

Practicing Proper Weight Transfer

Weight transfer is also essential for preventing blocked shots. During the backswing, you should be shifting your weight from your back foot to your front foot. This will help you create a smooth transition into the downswing while keeping your arms in sync with the club head. Make sure that you are finishing the swing with all of your weight on your left side. This will help you generate more power while avoiding blocked shots.


Drills To Improve Swing And Prevent Blocked Shots

Blocked shots can be extremely frustrating. To help improve your game and reduce the chances of blocked shots, practice these drills:

Slow Motion Swing

Incorporating slow motion swings into your practice routine can help you refine your technique and build more power with less effort. By intentionally slowing down your swing, you can gain a better understanding of the mechanics involved and allow yourself to make more precise adjustments. This will enable you to hit the ball with greater accuracy while avoiding any blocked shots.

Swing Plane Practice

Using alignment sticks or visual aids can help golfers establish their ideal swing plane and practice their swings accordingly. This will enable them to maintain the correct club path during their takeaway and keep their arms in sync with the clubhead throughout the entire swing. By keeping the club on this plane, golfers can avoid blocking shots, draw the ball when needed, and hit more consistent shots.

Weight Transfer Exercise

Improving your weight transfer during the golf swing is essential for reducing blocked shots. To ensure you are properly shifting from your back foot to your foot, begin by aligning your feet parallel to the intended target line and keeping your weight distributed evenly on both sides of the body. When starting the backswing, focus on transferring your weight to your left side. This will promote a smoother transition into the downswing and help you hit the ball with more power.

Visualization Techniques

Employ visualization techniques during your practice sessions to identify areas for improvement. Have a partner observe your shot and provide feedback on any necessary adjustments, or record yourself and review the footage to identify areas that require refinement. This drill enhances self-awareness and allows you to pinpoint any remaining issues in your technique that may lead to blocked shots.



Blocked shots can be a common issue that golfers face from time to time. With proper technique and practice, you can reduce the occurrence of blocked shots and start to see more consistent results with each swing. By following the tips discussed in this article, you can improve your accuracy and lower your scores. Additionally, drills such as weight shift drills, slow motion swings, visualization drills, swing plane drills, and partner drills can help you to build good habits that lead to more accurate shots. With patience and dedication, you will be able to have a more consistent game and start seeing lower scores.


Why Am I Blocking Shots?

Blocking shots can often be attributed to incorrect weight shift, poor clubhead alignment, or a lack of tempo in the swing. Additionally, issues with your setup such as grip size and stance width can also contribute to blocked shots. To reduce the occurrence of blocked shots, focus on improving your technique and developing good habits that lead to more consistent results.

Why Am I Blocking My Driver?

Blocking your driver can be a frustrating experience for any golfer. It is often a sign that the lower body is rotating faster than the upper body on the downswing, causing the hips to clear before the arms have completed their journey. This, in turn, results in the club face being in an open position at impact, leading to a shot that flies sharply to the right. It is important to remember that this is not the same thing as a slice, which starts left and then curves right. Golfers who find themselves repeatedly blocking their driver should work on keeping their upper body and lower body in sync throughout the swing, preventing the dreaded block from occurring.

What Causes Block Slice In Golf?

A blocked slice is a shot that starts left, but then travels sharply to the right. This type of shot is often caused by an incorrect grip size and stance width, as well as a lack of tempo in the swing. Additionally, a blocked slice could be due to an incorrect clubhead path or poor body mechanics during the swing. To reduce the incidence of a blocked slice, focus on improving your technique and developing good habits that lead to consistent results.


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